Betting On Greyhound Racing In New Zealand

Betting On Greyhound Racing In New Zealand

As is generally the case in most regions, Greyhound Racing in New Zealand started out as owners allowing dogs to hunt down hares, who had started to make a right nuisance of themselves.  Hares were originally imported to New Zealand by Sir George Grey, who intended for them to act as hunting quarry.  The use of hunting quarry can be traced back to medieval times, whereby the innards of dead deer or hares were given to hunting dogs as a reward for hunting down a particular animal.

In New Zealand the plan went slightly awry when the imported hares multiplied at exponential rates, becoming pests to local farmers.  The farmers had a plan: they began importing Greyhound dogs from Britain, in an attempt to keep the numbers under control.  This eventually resulted in coursing competitions between the farms and farmers.

Coursing, being a sport that caused animal rights activists to become hot under the collars (echoing the plights of the hares) soon developed and evolved into a more organised, and humane, form of racing.  Using a mechanical hair on a track, Greyhounds could now dash to their heart’s content in an attempt to hunt down a hair made of artificial materials.

Governing And Control: The Key To A Safe And Successful Sport

All sports betting taking place in New Zealand is strictly regulated by the New Zealand Racing Agency, Greyhound Racing being governed specifically by the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association Inc.

This Governing Body ensures fair gambling and betting, safety and humane treatment of all animals involved in the races as well as financial policies and judicial matters.

Tricks Of The Trade

Betting on Greyhounds is as exciting as the more traditional betting on horses – even more so due to the fact that only 8 Greyhounds run in any given race, upping the odds at winning considerably. Betting on Greyhounds vary from purely for fun to more serious sports betters placing sizable wagers.

As with most things, there is always a lot of advice to go around when formulating a successful betting strategy – some tips more effective than others. The important thing to keep in mind is that the numbers do not lie.

Successful Greyhounds are known to win at least 40% of the time, and finish first and second 60% of the time.  The key is then to sass out the hounds and keep an eye on their track records, before deciding to place a bet at greyhound racing betting sites.

Another factor to keep in mind is that along with numbers, the genes also seldom lie.  It is very rare for average parents to produce a champion offspring, and the other way around. An impressive bloodline is more likely to render impressive results, than an average or weak bloodline. Research into bloodlines and breeders is therefore very vital.

Life After Fame

Retired Greyhounds make great pets. Many rescue foundations are in place to try and find suitable homes for these four-legged hero’s after their careers have drawn to a close, in order to afford them the retirement that they deserve.

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